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The cookies can be made in different sizes – 1-3/8″, 2-1/4″, 3-1/4″, 4-3/4″ And 5-3/4″

The default size will be 2-1/4″ unless other wise noted in your order.


Amitiel’s Chocolate Cookies




Amitiel the Doberman backs these cookies – they are a chocolate (safe for dogs) cookie that is sure to delite! Contains Carob a safe alternative to chocolate, Rice flour, a hint of cinnamon and a splash of Vanilla.  A pleasing treat for all to enjoy! They are also great for our wheat sensitive pups. These cookies are Gluten Free.



8 oz  = $5.00 




Buddy’s Favorite Bachelor Dog Treats

CIMG2629 (2)


These are Buddy’s favorite!  Regardless of what Buddy is doing, the moment you mention these treats he comes running! These treats contain all Natural Homemde Chicken stock, Honey, Wheat Flour, Cornmeal and Peanut Butter.


8 oz  = $5.00 



Casey’s Peanut Butter and Banana Cookies


These cookie are recommended by Casey The Golden Retriever-

They are crunchy and a treat to be enjoyed by all,

They have fresh bananas, peanut butter, Oat Meal and parsley for fresh breath.







8 oz = $5.00 




Gracie’s Favorite Beef Cookies 



These cookies are recommended by Graice the Great Dane – She loves to do tricks likes to give paw just so she can sink her teeth into these crunchy cookies. Her cookies are made with Home made beef stock, brewer’s yeast, garlic powder, wheat flour, egg yolks and cornmeal.







8 oz = $5.00 





Lucy’s Luscious Treats 

IMAG0127 (1)


These treats are Lucy the Great Dane’s favorite. She loves chicken and will do anything to get a taste. She will sit in a moments notice as soon as she hears the word “Treat”. These delicious treats are made with home made Chicken stock, wheat germ, wheat flour and eggs. They are a sure to please the most picky.



8 oz = $5.00 





Honey’s Bacon & Egg Cookies


These treats are recommended by Honey the Lab.

They have bacon and Egg’s almost a well rounded breakfast.  They are too good for just breakfast. Honey will dance when its time for one of her cookies!

These cookies are made with Whole wheat flour, Wheat Germ, Bacon and Egg.





8 oz = $5.00 






Peaches’ Carrot Treats




These treats are recommended by Peaches. She requires a Gluten Free diet and these treats are perfect for her! They are made with Shredded fresh Carrots, Rice flour, a splash of Honey and a dash of Olive oil.










8 oz = $5.00