About Us

We are a small family owned business. It all began when I was looking for better alternatives to the regular store bought treats for my dogs. They didnt seem to like anything I would buy for them. I found a recipe and baked my first batch of cookies and all of my babies were standing around the oven waiting, it was as if they knew it was for them – LOL. Once my first batch was done and ready for them – they LOVED them!

We will take trips to the stores and when they are offered treats – they all snub their noses to them. This got me thinking that if my dogs were this way – so would many others. So I decided to try baking for more. My hope is that I can spread these delicious recipes to more of our canine loves.

Coming up with a name for the business was a challenge until I spoke with my best friend Mel – she referred to my Chihuhuas ┬áChunky and Oreo as The Chowa’s for short so as we discussed the name “The Chowa’s Kitchen” was born! Chunky and Oreo are the most finicky puppys I’ve met. They love all the cookies and treats I had made except Oreo – he didn’t care for one recipe so I do not make it. All the recipes I make here are approved and quality tasted by the 4 babies that live with me – The Dane’s – Gracie and Lucy and The Chowa’s – Chunky and Oreo.

You will see that each of the loves in my life give their paw of approval of their brand of cookie – I would not be here if it weren’t for them – for that I am grateful!


I thank you for visiting and hope your dog(s) enjoy what I have made for them.